This system is a green energy solution applicable in many countries, as it saves energy demand from the grid during crop cultivation seasons. Utilizing the solar energy and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm, this is a highly energy-efficient and cost-effective solution. The system is isolated on the user interface side, through which users can program the timer and speed control. This solution is capable of operating with any AC or PMSM motor through variable frequency drive and Field Oriented Control (FOC) respectively.

System Benefits​:

  • RH850 brings the hardware FOC for easy motor tuning RX23T is suited for single inverter control
  • Discrete IGBT-based solution is highly cost-effective and thermally reliable
  • NB-IoT and DA14531MOD Bluetooth® Low Energy modules added in the system make it more effective for dynamic data acquisition and diagnostics
  • Solar pump controller has zero emission greenhouse gases, reducing carbon footprint
  • The system implements single shunt, leg shunt and panel shunt for better protection
  • 1200V inbuilt transistor-based DC-DC/AC-DC using iW1821
  • Lower operation expenses compared to diesel pumps



  • Agricultural submersible pumps
  • Home surface pumps
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Winning Combinations

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