This pet tracker is designed to fully encompass all indoor and outdoor tracking scenarios covering the three most ubiquitous radio standards. If a pet is roaming outside and possibly far away from buildings, the integrated GNSS receiver and LTE Cat-M1 modem communicate the exact location of the tracker and provide additional sensor data such as the direction of motion or the dominant color and light condition of the surroundings. Moving indoors, the location tracking is performed by the accelerometer and gyroscope in combination with the Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) and Wi-Fi connectivity information.

The system control is handled by the Wi-Fi SoC’s Arm® Cortex®-M4F that also offers a flexible interface scheme to interact with the LTE and Bluetooth LE radios and the connected sensors. Ease of use is provided through the Bluetooth LE connection since this simplified commissioning and setup of the tracker is in combination with a smartphone. A single, removable and rechargeable battery can provide power for extended periods of time up to multiple months.

System Benefits​:

  • Ultra-low system power consumption for extended battery life
  • Flexible, modular, yet highly integrated architecture
  • Certified ultra-low power Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Bluetooth LE modules available to simplify and accelerate the design and shorten time to market (TTM)
  • Primary cell and rechargeable battery support



  • Pet/Infant tracking

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Connected Pet Tracker Blog Post Feb 19, 2022
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