Electronic valve control is essential to many industrial applications for liquids and gases. Utilizing the Renesas FS1012 flow sensor to monitor the rate of delivery, this design controls the flow via a motor-controlled valve.  Two MCUs are utilized for safety concerns. The RX23T is especially designed for motor control applications and the RX231/RX65N is used to redundantly monitor the motor position, measure the gas/liquid flow, and to fulfill Safety Integration Level 2 (SIL2) standards thanks to the Functional Safety Platform software. The flow status is displayed on an LCD as well as communicated over Ethernet or RS-485. This design can operate off of 12V or 24V.



  • Supports SIL2 standard by Functional Safety Platform Software certified by TÜV
  • MEMs solid-state gas flow sensor
  • RS-485 fault-protected against 15kV ESD and over-voltages up to ±60V and up to 20Mbps data rates