This 100W AC/DC fast charging cordless hand blender with single-phase BLDC motor drive, single Hall sensor and full bridge gate drive, reduces total system cost. The design is for low power, high-speed motor drive technology with multiple speed control operation, direction control and an Li-ion battery operated lightweight system.

System Benefits​:

  • Low cost 1-phase BLDC motor drive system, reduces 2 MOSFETs, 1 half-bridge gate driver and 2 Hall sensors.
  • For low power, full-bridge drive for a single-phase BLDC motor, duty-based speed control and direction control using an RL78/G14 microcontroller.
  • A max 8-cell battery management system (BMS) is used with all protection features and gate drive for CFET and DFETs via an ISL94202 battery pack monitor IC.
  • AC/DC 100W fast charger for a cordless hand blender using an iW9809 AC/DC controller for quasi-resonant (QR) flyback and an iW709 USB power delivery 3.0 interface IC for synchronous rectification.



  • Home appliances
  • Kitchen appliances
  • High-speed, single-phase, BLDC motor drive
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