With the proliferation of the use of LCD panels in instrument cluster in recent years, graphics are being employed for a wide variety of purposes. Color displays have seen remarkable growth in order to improve display panel expressivity and visibility. It is also very important to convey the variety of information from the in-vehicle network, cameras and multimedia to the driver in an easy-to-understand and easily viewable way.

Renesas leverages experience and results as the world's number one provider of microcontrollers (MCUs) for instrument clusters to offer solutions for everything from entry and mid-range systems consisting of a combination of gauge control and color display, to premium full-graphic systems.

RH850/D1x 32-bit MCU supports gauge control, color graphics display and functional safety on a single chip

  • Abundant lineup for supporting various instrument cluster systems
  • A RAM wrapping function (VRAM wrapper) and a function that directly outputs video from images stored in the ROM (sprite engine) are built in enabling considerable RAM savings
  • Built-in OpenVG 1.1 high-performance graphics engine makes high-definition animation possible
  • Built-in function that corrects video output images for head-up displays (VOWE)
  • Various built-in functions for functional safety, such system malfunction detection and graphics error detection, make it easy to achieve ASIL-B level functional safety

VOWE: Video Output Warping Engine Extension