A brief overview of the way IDT's semiconductor products are helping to connect elements and functions within the home. IDT's products power, connect, synchronize, and bring sensing to modern home systems.


Our home is where we spend most of our time, and nearly every aspect of the modern home is becoming connected and nearly every aspect of the modern home is becoming connected from the living room to the kitchen to the garage. IDT is at the center of the connected home by offering products that power, connect, synchronize, and bring sensing to modern home systems. If processors provide the brains of modern systems then timing solutions are the heartbeat.  By offering timing products that range from simple to advanced IDT is the world leader in timing semiconductors which enable connected appliances throughout the home. Advanced RF solutions from IDT enable connectivity within the home all the way to the cellular base stations with innovative solutions that ease design, improve performance, and lower power. For smart appliances that require accurate temperature measurements IDT’s advanced thermopile sensors are ideal for temperature sensing in today’s modern appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators and ovens. And the combination of IDT’s thermopile and gas sensors is ideal for modern climate control systems. Smart Thermostats, which connect the house to mobile devices, are able to communicate with both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors allowing for the shutdown of the home’s climate control system. Advanced security systems rely on sensors making IDT’s optical, thermopile and proximity sensors perfect for a variety of security applications. Smart windows that automatically adjust to light are enabled by advanced optical sensors that detect ambient as well as UV light. And these same optical sensors can be used to adjust display brightness on everything from smart appliance displays to thermostats to televisions, enhancing the user experience. Lighting is everywhere our homes, and sensors go hand-in-hand with smart lighting. Ambient light and RGB sensors assist in light adjustment while presence sensors such as thermopile and proximity detectors can enhance energy savings in empty rooms. IDT’s advanced gas sensing technology enables the detection of indoor air quality gases including Volatile Organic Compounds Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, and even Toluene. This technology enables a new generation of systems for both safety and comfort. In addition, gas sensing technology can also enable home health appliances. The detection of acetone can provide an indicator of how fast fat is being metabolized, while ethanol detection can measure breath alcohol. And new and exciting applications in home health care is possible using IDT’s sophisticated thermopile sensors which can accurately measure the body temperature. IDT is also a leader in wireless power, and given the fact that the connected home will have many mobile devices, IDT’s wireless power products will eliminate the need for cables while at the same time providing quick and easy charging of mobile electronics in the office, the car and of course the home. More so, a smart charge device could identify a user based on their smart device and personalize settings in the car and the home. The expression "The Connected Home" will soon be a common household phrase, and IDT’s new and innovative connecting technologies will help make this happen by bringing intelligence to many of the household appliances and devices that we use every day in our homes. For more information visit www.idt.com