Electric power steering is one of the applications that requires ASIL-D*, which must be supported on a system level. Renesas provides the required power management IC (PMIC) and the RH850/P1x microcontroller (MCU) as part of this reference design.

*ASIL: Automotive Safety Integrity Level. ASIL-D is the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level.

System Benefits

  • The high-end RH850 automotive MCU for chassis applications provides a variety of integrated safety features
  • The RAA270005 PMIC is designed for the RH850/P1x MCU with various fault diagnoses and monitor functions to support ASIL-D systems to reduce system bill-of-material costs and save on PCB space
  • This proven combination of MCU and PMICs shortens R&D cost and time
System Block Diagram

Electric Power Steering System

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