The RAA270005KFP is a Power Management IC (PMIC) for automotive RH850 microcontroller series. The RAA270005KFP contains one boost DC-DC converter with an external MOSFET, one buck DC-DC converter as a pre-regulator , two low dropout linear regulators (LDOs) and two linear trackers. The switching frequency of the boost DC-DC converter and buck DC-DC converter is typical 420kHz and 2.1MHz respectively. Also several monitor functions and diagnostic functions such as over-voltage and under-voltage detection of the regulators and watchdog for monitoring external microcontroller are implemented. The input voltage of the RAA270005KFP, the output of all regulators, and internal analog voltage corresponding to temperature can be monitored through ADCs in external microcontroller. Since the RAA270005KFP includes a power-up/down sequence controller, users can reduce external components for controlling the target microcontroller power-up/down sequence. And the RAA270005KFP can control an external backup-power for microcontroller.


  • Supply the power to Renesas RH850/P1x (with Built in voltage regulator for MCU’s core) Load dump robustness
    • Input voltage range: 6.6~18.5V to perform specified characteristics
    • 5.4V~: continued operation without low voltage detection
    • 3.8V~: continued operation declined the output voltage
  • DCDC converter:
    • Boost: 6.0V/250mA (Input voltage: 2.2V~)
    • Buck: 6.1V/600mA
  • Linear regulators:
    • Output voltage : 3.3V/10mA
    • Output voltage : 5.0V/350mA with reverse protection
  • Two linear trackers: 100mA ability with reverse protection
  • Automatic power sequence
  • An external backup-power control
  • Watchdog timer
  • Analog multiplexer
  • Interrupt request
  • Thermal shut down
  • Reset generator
  • External devices control
  • Monitoring to a core voltage in MCU.
  • Exposed die pad, HLQFP package, 40pin 9mm x 9mm



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Automotive Battery Management System (BMS) Renesas products are ideal for accurate and safe BMS applications.
Battery Charger & DC/DC Control System Renesas supplies analog and power devices suitable for battery charger and DC/DC control systems.
Automotive Battery Management System (BMS) Renesas supplies analog and power devices suitable for battery control systems.
High Voltage Inverter for Traction Motor Better system performance and a more compact size can be achieved using a Renesas MCU equipped with functions optimal for HV/EV control.
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