The F1320 and F1370 are high-performance, low-power DPD receivers optimized for 400 MHz to 1200 MHz and 1300 MHz to 2900 MHz wireless systems, respectively. The fully-integrated solutions include a demodulator, digital step attenuator (DSA), and high-isolation single-pole double-throw (SP2T) switch to minimize system solution cost, board footprint, and bill-of-materials. The devices' innovative architecture and design, coupled with a high level of integration, offer over one Watt of power savings compared to conventional solutions. This results in reduced heat dissipation and energy usage, helping to ease cooling requirements, promote smaller equipment form factors, and lower operating costs. In addition, the new DPD ICs offer excellent linearity and high bandwidth, making them an ideal, flexible solution for linearizing any type of BTS transmitter. Presented by Toshiaki Ueno, Senior Director for Japan & Korea, Wireless Product Definition & Marketing, Integrated Device Technology, Inc. For more information, visit: http://www.idt.com/go/RF.