Renesas is the worldwide #1 Low Power SRAM supplier with a full lineup and well balanced long term support. 
High density and high performance RAMs using Renesas's original technology, for example the Advanced LPSRAM new memory cell concept are offered.

1. Stable supply and long term support

  • WW Share of LP SRAM: No.1 (Source: Renesas Electronics)
  • Main market of RENESAS SRAM: Industrial equipment usage


2. Wide lineup to support all applications

  • Supply voltage: 3V / 5V (continued support of 5V parts)
  • Density: Lineup from 256Kb to 64Mb
  • Package: Varied package lineup


3. High reliability

  • Soft error free
  • Latch-up free


Key Applications:

Renesas SRAM products have been adopted by various application systems.


1. Industrial

  • Factory automation equipment, measuring devices, equipment employed in smart grids, transportation systems, etc.


2. Office automation

  • Printers, servers, etc.


3. Automotive

  • Car information systems, etc.


4. Consumer

  • Gaming systems, etc.


5. Communication

  • Wireless and wired systems


Package Lineup:

Packages with memory size compatibility (circled in red) are available.

Package Lineup


  • Long term stable support with wide lineup from 256Kb to 64Mb
  • Developing 0.11um 32Mb/64Mb Advanced LPSRAM

Renesas Standard SRAM Roadmap

You can find an explanation of orderable part numbers here.

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