The RAA279971 is a high-definition analog video encoder that is designed for automotive applications. It accepts digital video input using a 2-lane MIPI-CSI2 or a DVP/Pseudo BT.656 parallel interface and supports multiple high-definition resolutions up  to 720p/60 or 1080p/30. The RAA279971 uses a built-in 10-bit video DAC that encodes the incoming video stream into an analog composite format that is transmitted to a RAA279972 decoder as a single-ended or differential signal over up to 30 meters of either coax or STP cable.


  • Analog Video Encoder
    • Software selectable control allows for single-ended, differential, and pseudo differential CVBS
    • 10-bit DAC
    • Integrated PLL
    • Internal test pattern generator
    • Independent amplitude adjustment for luminance and chrominance
  • MIPI Input
    • MIPI CSI2 1.1 compliant unidirectional output format
    • YUV 422 input format, 2 lane
    • DVP / MIPI pin sharing for minimum pin count
    • Supports 720p 30fps, 720p 60fps, 1080p 30fps, and wide resolution for e-mirror application
  • Digital Inputs
    • 10/8-bit Digital Video Port parallel interface
    • 10/8-bit Pseudo BT.656 parallel interface
    • Supports 720p 30fps, 720p 60fps, 1080p 30fps, and wide resolution for e-mirror application
  • Miscellaneous
    • Low power consumption
    • Power Save and Power Down modes
    • Bidirectional two-wire digital control channel
    • Two-wire control interface
    • Single 27MHz crystal for all operations
    • 3.3V or 1.8V selectable I/O
    • 32 Ld SQFN (5mm x 5mm QFN with step cut leads)
    • AEC-Q100 qualified



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Automotive High-Definition Link – The Solution for Automotive Camera Systems 日本語, 简体中文 White Paper PDF 290 KB

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RTKA279971DA2000BU Automotive High Definition Link Encoder Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
RTKA279972DA1000BU Automotive High Definition Link Decoder Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas

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