This automotive parking assistance camera system uses Renesas’ Analog High-Definition Link (AHL) solution, which is a high-definition analog video transmission technology. By leveraging the lower transmission bandwidth of AHL, the OEM can use low-cost twisted pair cabling and traditional connectors. The AHL camera reference design has an OmniVision OX01F 1.3 megapixel (MP) SoC (Sensor + ISP) and Renesas camera PMIC, and features low power consumption in a small module size, making it ideal for automotive camera systems. The AHL signal is transmitted over unshielded twisted pair cables, received by the ECU, decoded, and converted to digital format, and then sent to the SoC for video analytics and parking assist graphical overlay. The final video is sent to a display module that utilizes a TW8846 (or RAA278842) LCD controller to drive the LCD panel.

System Benefits​:

  • AHL is an HD analog video link solution for parking assistance camera systems.
  • Ideal for rear camera, surround view, and mirror replacement camera systems.
  • HD video transmission using low-cost SD analog video cables and connectors.
  • Lower cable and connector costs by ~30% for automotive camera systems compared to digital transmission.
  • No latency and no loss in picture quality or object recognition software accuracy.
  • Bidirectional I2C control channel – independent of the video.
  • SoC: Low power consumption hardware accelerators for object detection/classification algorithms.
  • Optimized power management ICs for the camera and ECU.




  • Parking assistance camera systems (rearview, surround view, and mirror replacement)​
  • Drive recorder camera systems​
  • Driver awareness and interior camera systems

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AS213 AS213 AS213 AS213 Sheet.147 Sheet.148 Sheet.149 Sheet.150 Sheet.151 wireless-connectivity Sheet.153 Sheet.154 Sheet.155 Sheet.156 1.3MP Sensor + ISP 1.3MP Sensor + ISP 1.3MP Sensor+ ISP AHL Camera Reference Design AHL Camera Reference Design AHL Camera Reference Design Sheet.159 Battery.230 Sheet.161 Sheet.162 Sheet.163 Sheet.164 12V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery VOUT+ VOUT+ VOUT+ VOUT- VOUT- VOUT- Sheet.178 PMIC 1 PMIC PMIC AHL Tx AHL Tx AHL Tx AHL Rx Evaluation Board AHL Rx Evaluation Board AHL Rx Evaluation Board VIN+ VIN+ VIN+ VIN- VIN- VIN- Sheet.184 MCU MCU MCU Buck Controller Buck Controller Buck Controller Evaluation Board Evaluation Board Evaluation Board PMIC 2 PMIC PMIC Display Processor Display Processor DisplayProcessor LED Backlight Driver LED Backlight Driver LED BacklightDriver SoC R-Car V3H SoC R-Car V3H SoC R-Car V3H PMIC 3 PMIC PMIC Sheet.198 Dynamic connector Sheet.200 Sheet.201 Sheet.202 Sheet.203 Connector 1 AHL Rx AHL Rx AHL Rx Sheet.212 Connector Arrow.216 Connector Arrow.219 Connector Arrow.220 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V Sheet.237 Double arrow.2150 Double arrow.2166 Main Display (Surround View) Main Display (Surround View) Main Display(Surround View) Connector Arrow.238 Connector Arrow.239 Connector Arrow.240 VDD VDD VDD Connector Arrow.245 Sheet.246 Connector 1.247 Clock Generator Clock Generator Clock Generator DC/DC DC/DC DC/DC Connector Arrow.248
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