The CPX3 Evaluation Kit J70D1 is a tool to evaluate the hardware and the software of Renesas' PLC modem LSI R9A06G037 (CPX3). This kit supports CENELEC-A, FCC and ARIB frequency bands. This chapter introduces the configuration and setup for the CPX3 Evaluation Kit J70D1.


  • Control MCU: RX631 (R5F5631EDDFP)
  • PLC Modem Device: R9A06G037
  • For detailed information on microcomputer, refer to RX631 page.
  • The J70D1 CPX3 Evaluation Kit has a circuit configuration which includes the PLC modem device, the control MCU and the AFE required for power line communication.
  • The evaluation board is composed of the following three boards. The main board is composed of 1) and 2).
    • PLC board: PLC modem device (CPX3:R9A06G037) and AFE device (NJM45001)
    • BASE board: Power circuitry and control MCU (RX631)
    • Filter board: Receive filter for CENELEC-A, FCC and ARIB frequency bands
  • Board Dimensions: 120×76×44 mm
  • PLC specification: CENELEC-A:35kHz-90kHz
  • FCC: 150kHz-490kHz
  • ARIB: 150kHz-450kHz
  • Input voltage for Power line: AC100-230V
  • DC power supply voltage: 5.0V/3.0A


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