P9027LP-R Wireless Power Receiver for 0.5W to 3W Applications

The P9027LP-R is a highly integrated, low BOM count, single-chip receiver targeted for applications up to 3W. The receiver is designed to convert an AC power signal from a resonant tank into a programmable, regulated voltage ranging from 4.5 to 6.0 V. The device includes a high-efficiency synchronous full-bridge rectifier, a fast-tracking, NMOS LDO, and a charge pump to improve startup under very weak coupling or poor alignment conditions. 

The P9027LP-R includes a patented internal scheme for modulation and communication using no additional external components. As a result, it provides an extremely small application area. The P9027LP-R is available in a WLCSP-40 package (2.24 mm x 3.62 mm), and it is rated for 0 to +85°C temperature range. 

The P9027LP-R with the P9235A-R transmitter make a complete solution for ≤3W power applications.

Presented by Andrew Luchsinger, Technical Marketing at IDT. To request samples, download documentation, or learn more, visit: http://www.IDT.com/P9027LP-R.


Hi, my name is Andrew Luchsinger, Technical Marketing at IDT. Today I'd like to introduce the P9027LP-R. This is a 3W wireless power receiver optimized for compact applications. The device features a specialized clamping and modulation scheme, resulting in the elimination of many external capacitors, some of which are high voltage and high-cost components. The internal switches are designed to be very low resistance for maximum efficiency. In some operating conditions up to 20% higher than competitive solutions. 
In addition, the P9027LP-R features an internal charge pump, allowing the IC to turn on with voltages down to three volts. This allows the device to report status when the transmitter is near, but not close enough to establish power transfer. Even with such low switch resistance and the aforementioned features, the solution area is one of the smallest available at only 31 square millimeters. The device is pre-configured to function with a 1-watt, 2-watt, or 3-watt coil, ranging in size from 12 millimeters to 30 millimeters in diameter, making it an ideal solution for a variety of compact applications. For more details, visit IDT.com/P9027LP-R. Thank you.