Making the New Normal Possible

Our first mission statement brings everyone at Renesas together in driving towards a safer, healthier, greener and smarter world. That does not just stop because of COVID-19; we are working tirelessly to support our customers in making the sustainable, new normal possible. Sometimes game-changing innovation benefits from disruption and upheaval, and we believe our practical solutions are perfectly matched to deal with the societal and industrial challenges that we are all confronted with in face of the far-reaching implications of the coronavirus.

Innovative solutions for the New Normal

Technology plays a key role in making a sustainable ‘New Normal’ possible. While healthcare and hygiene applications attract even higher interest, more people will work from home along with their school-age children taking online classes. This is spurring the need for even more Internet connectivity, higher 5G bandwidth and an explosion of data center hardware and cloud applications. Furthermore, concepts for mobility and transport are facing huge challenges. Renesas is committed to developing the solutions our customers can use. Here are some of the ways our innovative solutions are helping millions of people around the world.

Healthcare Solutions

Network Infrastructure Solutions

Building Automation Solutions

Automotive & Vehicles Solutions

Online Training & Support

We understand the challenges presented by lockdowns and home-office working. That’s why we have a broad palette of online support tools, such as webinars and seminars, trainings, simulators and design tools.

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Online training

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Design Tools

iSim Design & Simulation Tool

PowerCompass Multi-Load Configurator

Power Cross Reference

Clock Tree Design Tool

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Business Continuity

Our People

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Business travel bans put in place worldwide early 2020.

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Offices have hygiene instructions and measures in line with WHO recommendations.

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Home-office work started before many local lockdowns were introduced.

For the future we are considering how to adopt the benefits we’ve experienced from working at home, and the impact of what this means for work under the “new normal”.

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Ensured we have masks at many of our sites (many from donations from customers) for employees having to work on-site (production sites, laboratories etc).

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In short-term, we have introduced measures around the globe, short time work or furlough to both reduce costs and prevent the spread of infection.

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Utmost care being taken when considering how and when to return to “normal” operations in line with local legislation.

A myriad of local regulations means handling is different from country to country. At a time when there were no masks available, we got a shipment through to all our colleagues and their families in Italy which was highly appreciated!

Our Production

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We are carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation in every region where we have production facilities. Working together with the necessary local authorities, we are ensuring a healthy work environment. By optimizing our production capacities, our top priority is to reduce turn-around time (TAT). Doing so, we can improve our ability to meet changing customer demand, which has been showing huge spikes in short-term demand for certain products and applications.

Our Supply

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As part of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP), we are maintaining customer communication in line with our BCP commitments and are handling the volatile global logistics supply situation in order to maintain deliveries to all customers during the fight against COVID-19.

Community Support

In 2011, during the Great Eastern Earthquake, we received unsolicited support from around the world. This strengthened our belief in the importance of community – we know how important this is.

We have both received (from many customers – thank you) as well as given PPE & equipment donations to hospitals and medical facilities in the US (San Jose & Sacramento), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & Ipoh) and Germany (Düsseldorf). In Japan, 10 of our regional offices organised the donation of face masks to their local city/prefecture administrations. We are also supporting our local communities, be it a food bank organisation in California, donations to schools and NGO’s in Malaysia, contributions by our Trade Union in Vietnam to the government-run COVID-19 support fund, or teaming up with Edu Life Centre for funding, packing, and distributing Care Packs to the underprivileged in Singapore.