This Winning Combination is the RF/analog subset of a beamforming array that is part of 5G base stations. The system conditions the transmit and receive signals that are delivered to and from the antenna array via filters and the F52x8 series beamformer IC. The F5728 up/down converter IC is used to mix the data content with the carrier frequency for proper transmission to the endpoint. This IC also demodulates the receive signal to isolate the data content for interpretation. The 8V97003 synthesizer allows the system to utilize spread spectrum. The 8V19N882 is a precise clock generator with jitter attenuation to supply the system with the purist reference clock in the prevention of spurious harmonics and spectral bleed. To assist in providing the system with the purist clock, the RAA214020 LDO is used for its low characteristics.

System Benefits​:

  • System optimized for 2x2 antenna architecture for 5G and broadband wireless applications.
  • Delivers more than 15.5dBm linear output power per channel.
  • Enables cost-efficient radio design with extended signal reach for wireless infrastructure applications including wide-area, small cell and macro base stations, as well as customer-premise equipment (CPE), fixed wireless access (FWA) access points, and various other applications.




  • 5G mmWave base station phase array systems