Lab demonstration and clock jitter measurement showing VersaClock 5. The frequency analyzer shows phase jitter at approximately 575 picoseconds RMS. Presented by Baljit Chandhoke, product manager at IDT. For more information visit the Programmable Clocks page.


Hello, my name is Baljit Chandhoke, and I'm the Product Line Manager of timing products at IDT. Today, I will be giving you a brief lab demonstration of our new product, "VersaClock 5".

VersaClock 5 is a low power clock generator, with best-in-class jitter performance of 0.7 psec. It has extremely low power with core current consumption of only 30 MA. It is extremely programmable, and you can get any frequency you want at the output, up to 350MHz.

Now I'm going to start the lab demonstration. I have with me, an evaluation board. The evaluation board is powered by the USB cable, and is also used to control the VersaClock 5.

This is the Timing Commander software, which controls the VersaClock 5 device. As you see, I have it configured for 125MHz, LVPECL output, on Output 1.

On Output 2, I have it configured at 125MHz, HCSL output. Output 3, I have it configured at 156.25MHz LVDS, and Output 4 has 312.5MHz. All the outputs are operational and have different output frequencies.

Now, let's take a look at the performance. With all these outputs operational, and on Output 1, which is operating at 125MHz, I see 575 fsec RMS phase jitter from 12K to 20MHz.

This is industry leading in the power consumption of 30MA core in the space.

Now let's change the frequency and see what happens to the phase noise. I'm going to change the frequency on Output 1 to 100MHz.

As you see, the frequency changed to 100MHz as shown on the screen, and the phase noise is still 576 fsec, from 12K to 20MHz. The noise floor is close to 150dBc.

So this product maintains the great performance, across a wide range of frequencies, as well as across multiple output types, and with different frequencies of the output.

So it provides you, a complete system solution, meeting the requirements of all your clocking needs in your system.