ISL70001SRH is a radiation hardened and SEE hardened high efficiency monolithic synchronous buck regulator with integrated MOSFETs.


Hello, my name is Josh Broline, product marketing manager for Intersil space and high reliablilty products. Here at APEC 2012, I am demonstrating the industry's only monolithic power solution for FPGA power.

See here, on this eval board, we have three space grade power solutions. The ISL70001, which is a 6A voltage regulator with integrated FETS. The ISL70002, a 12A solution, and the ISL75051, an ultra-low LDO.

Now, these are all specifically designed for space level environment. For more information on our fully monolithic power solution for FPGA, go to our website. There, you can find Gerber files and schematics for this reference design.