This video demonstrates the platform daughter board that includes both an ISL55210 FDA and an ISLA112P50 12-bit, 500 MSPS ADC.


Good morning, this is Micahel Steffes demonstrating our new daughter board that includes both an amplifier and an ADC.

Here we're demonstrating a very capable single-ended to differential signal chain that includes our new 4GHz ISL55210. This is the widest bandwidth, lowest noise, lowest distortion, lowest power FTA solution today. On this board, we have implemented the cleanest single to differential conversion using an input transformer that's the lowest power way to get a single to differential. Since most lab and system sources are single ended, that's extremely useful.

Then the amplifier comes in as a pure differential I/O stage with about 2GHz bandwidth in this configuration. Even though it's the lowest noise device on the market, we have a 2GHz bandwidth at the output and we have to insert the capability for an interstage filter which appears here.

Here we've implemented an AC coupled second order RLC filter that includes the input impedance of the ADC as part of the filter design which is critical in any actual design. This particular implementation is giving us a 180MHz 3dB bandwidth with a second order cut-off but we certainly look forward to working with you on your requirement to tune this up to your specific needs once you have ordered a board from the Renesas website.