The high-speed ADC evaluation platform enables rapid testing and performance validation of the entire portfolio of low-power 8 to 16-bit, 40 to 500MSPS high performance analog-to-digital converters.


Good morning. My name is Michael Steffes, Applications Manager in the High-Speed Amplifier area. This morning, we're demonstrating a new evaluation platform including our high-speed amplifier, the ISL55210 and our 12-bit 500 Mega-Sample ADC.

From Intersil, you would require a motherboard which allows you to test many different kinds of converters. This is available online. On that, we attached two different daughter boards. Normally, we deliver a converter daughter boards with only two transformers. This requires a 10dBm board edge power level but works just fine. What we're demonstrating this morning is a new daughter board which includes an amplifier stage which reduces the board edge power to -10dBm, much more realistic for systems.

So once you get a motherboard, you would download the software which is the converter software - it's a free download - to drive the motherboard through a USB connection and be able to attach on any of the series of daughter boards including the amplifier or different converters.

So go online today and look for each of these elements for your high-performance converter data acquisition needs.