Access Control is one of the most critical functions of a secured network. By applying a Network Search Engine (NSE) to handle access control tasks is key to any ACL solution.

Renesas NSE enables the following features in Data Center network gateway appliances running 400Gb/s real-time network traffic.

  • Packet filtering by ACL (Access Control List) for network security.
  • QoS (Quality of Service) by setting priorities for specific packets.


Demo System

Renesas' ACL demo system utilizes the Xilinx SDNet Development Environment to control the NSE device to realize 400 Gb/s line rate speed.

Demo GUI features

  • User controllable “Ingress Packet” generator. (up to 400Gb/s)
  • Packet filtering rules can be defined and updated in Live Traffic.
  • “Egress Packet” data distribution display in real-time chart.

Demo GUI

Demo System

Demo Video

Two types of demos to help you understand the ACL solution.

Packet Filtering

Packet Filtering + Bandwidth Control

Use Case Example

In this use case, Renesas’ NSE is applied to data center firewalls for server intrusion protection.

Intrusion Prevention Solution in 400G Network Traffic

Exhibited at DevCon Japan 2017

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