A client node for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is an integrated, built-in communications module that uses a 60GHz band and achieves long-range communication and wide-beam steering angles. Its most promising applications are in infrastructure systems (X-haul, last mile, etc). In this application, Renesas power solutions are used in order to implement the smallest client node systems for FWA. Renesas’ timing solutions are also included for systems that require Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

System Benefits:

  • The RWM6051 is a cost-optimized single modem CPE solution derived from the RWM6050 dual baseband modem already deployed in access and backhaul equipment
  • The combined dual and single modem solution builds an FWA portfolio for OEMs and operators to accelerate the delivery of affordable multi-gigabit services in compact form factors with ease