SEGGER's emWin graphics library is a ready-to-use solution that provides a versatile and professional GUI platform for creating interactive and high-quality graphical user interfaces on any type of display for the Renesas RA family. It is highly efficient, flexible and fully integrated with FSP, seamlessly working with other graphics components in the FSP such as D/2D, etc.


  • Professional GUI library available free of charge (FOC) for RA MCU family
  • Source code upgrade option from SEGGER
  • Optimized for microcontroller-based systems
  • Simple to configure and integrate
  • Part of the FSP for RA MCU family
  • Visualization and debug tools available at no cost
  • Multilayer support in software and hardware
  • Automatic multiple buffering support
  • Supports all display types: LCD, TFT, LED, EPD
  • Utilizes the RA's TFT LCD controller and 2D graphics engine

Target Devices