The PTX130R demo kit enables quick evaluation of the PTX130R NFC reader IC for Android-based reader applications.


  • High-efficiency, high-power (2W), high-performance NFC reader kit for universal reader hardware platform IC PTX130R. EMVCo L1 with antenna behind display.
  • Android Integration Stack (AIS) for Android 12 based on NCI specification.
  • Easy-to-use, ready-to-go SW integration into any terminal/device host MCU architecture.
  • NFC P2P (initiator) and Card Emulation (HCE).
  • EMI filter-less solution with DiRAC® for high-performance application with optimized interoperability.
  • RF-design supported with Config Tool and SDKs.



  • EMVCo 3.0/3.1 Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems
  • Android™ devices
  • High-performance IoT applications


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Innovative NFC Solution for IoT

The IoT market has been booming over the last few years, to say the least. By 2030 there will be approximately half a trillion IoT devices shipped to the market, and already by the end of 2021, almost 7 billion IoT devices shipped will be NFC enabled.

NFC contributes a big deal to the growth and development of IoT applications, enabling a variety of different features in different setups. Ranging from consumer devices to industry 4.0, electric vehicles, and smart home ecosystems – NFC is an integral part of any application design. Our products at Renesas are designed with the end application in mind.

In this video, we present to you the benefits that PTX100R brings to the IoT arena and what can be achieved by using our industry's best NFC IC.

Read more about the innovative PTX100R and the demo kit solution for Internet of Things applications.