In today’s “anytime, anywhere” culture, more and more services are moving online. And keeping those services secure means having a secure way for people to authenticate their identity on the move. DigitalDNA from Bit4id is a revolutionary solution for qualified digital identity and strong authentication, designed to ensure the best user experience with devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Italian firm Bit4id has been leading the digital transformation by providing for almost 20 years through technologies for electronic signature, online authentication, cybersecurity, and all other services based on digital identity. 

“We aim to contribute to societal changes by making digital services increasingly accessible and secure,” explains Carmine Noviello, PKI Products BU Director at Bit4id. “Our solutions provide new ways of living and working online and are driven by the ideals of quality and efficiency. Innovation, simplicity and security are our guiding principles. We are committed to breaking down technological barriers and developing solutions for inclusive progress so that everyone can enjoy a safe, easy-to-manage digital environment.”

Ease of use in any situation

DigitalDNA is a perfect example of Bit4id’s philosophy. This innovative token allows users to carry their digital identity wherever they go. It holds qualified digital certificates, enabling users to sign electronic documents and authenticate themselves to web services quickly and easily. The digital signature created is fully compliant with the eIDAS regulation and meets the most stringent standards for signing documents with legal validity.


What’s more, alongside the USB connection typical of this kind of token, DigitalDNA also features Bluetooth® wireless connectivity. As a result, it can be used with all kinds of devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones, for the best user experience in any situation.

Simplifying design and production

“The first version of DigitalDNA used a multi-chip solution, but that was very complex in terms of module interfaces and circuit routing, which meant we had to put a lot of effort into product reliability. For the second version, we switched to the Renesas DA14683 system-on-chip, which is less complex, reduced our bill of materials, and made procurement easier. The change also helped us improve accuracy in our production process and enabled an ultra-low defect rate,” says Carmine Noviello.

The DA14683 is a Bluetooth low energy 5.0 system-on-chip (SoC) with enhanced security. As part of the Renesas SmartBond™ family, it delivers industry-leading performance from the lowest power consumption and smallest footprint.

Working together

For Bit4id, the DA14683’s ease of use, capabilities and high integration levels have been instrumental in reducing defects and improving production line efficiency. But Carmine Noviello also highlights the communication between the two companies as a vital element in the collaboration.

“Renesas’s excellent pre-sales team helped us find exactly the right product for our needs in just a few steps. But their ongoing support has been the real star: their technical teams guided us in setting up the solution with advice and best practices that allowed us to develop the right-first-time product in a very short time. And their communication on lead times meant we could create and deliver a reliable production schedule,” he adds.