The ISL71441MEV1Z evaluation board features the ISL71441M 12V GaN FET half-bridge driver.

The ISL71441M is a radiation tolerant PWM input 12V half-bridge GaN FET driver designed to drive low rDSON Gallium Nitride (GaN) FETs for DC/DC switching regulators. An integrated programmable GaN FET gate drive voltage, high-side bootstrap switch, and strong gate drive current provide a compact and robust GaN FET half-bridge driver. The ISL71441M can interface directly to the ISL73847M dual-phase PWM buck controller to create a high-efficiency point-of-load regulator to power many of the latest low voltage, high current FPGA and DSP digital core rails.

The ISL71441MEV1Z evaluation board evaluates the performance of the ISL71441M in an open-loop buck configuration. The evaluation board includes the GaN FET half-bridge driver, Renesas GaN FETs, and a buck converter power stage inductor and output capacitors.


  • 4.75V to 13.2V VDD power supply range
  • 300kHz to 1MHz PWM frequency (external component limited)
  • Buck output load current up to 25A



  • Low voltage, high current core rails for FPGAs, DSPs, CPUs, and ASICs
  • 12V motor control


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