The ISL71010B50 is an ultra low noise, high DC accuracy precision voltage reference, with a wide input voltage range from 7. 0V to 30V. The ISL71010B50 uses the dielectrically isolated PR40 process to achieve 4. 2μVP-P noise at 0. 1Hz to 10Hz with an initial voltage accuracy of ±0. 05%. The ISL71010B50 offers a 5. 0V output voltage with 10ppm/°C temperature coefficient and also provides excellent line and load regulation. The device is offered in an 8 Ld SOIC package. The ISL71010B50 is ideal for high-end instrumentation, data acquisition, and processing applications requiring high DC precision where low noise performance is critical.


  • Reference output voltage: 5.0V ±0.05%
  • Accuracy over temperature/radiation: ±0.15%
  • Output voltage noise: 4.2μVP-P typical (0.1Hz to 10Hz)
  • Supply current: 930μA (typical)
  • Temperature coefficient: 10ppm/°C (maximum)
  • Output current capability: 20mA
  • Line regulation: 20ppm/V (maximum)
  • Load regulation: 17ppm/mA (maximum)
  • NiPdAu-Ag lead finish (Sn Free)
  • Dielectrically isolated PR40 process
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to +125°C
  • Passes NASA Low Outgassing Specifications
  • Characterized radiation level
  • Low dose rate (10mrad(Si): 30krad(Si)
  • Single event burnout LET: 43MeV•cm2/mg




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