The ISL73100SEHEV1Z evaluation board is designed to evaluate the performance of the ISL70100SEH and ISL73100SEH radiation hardened 40V current sense amplifiers.

Built using the Renesas proprietary PR40 silicon-on-insulator (SOI) process, the ISL70100SEH and ISL73100SEH are trans-conductance amplifiers that monitor current using an external sense resistor and outputs a current proportional to the sensed voltage. The overall voltage gain is adjustable with a single resistor from the output to ground.


  • Large current-sense resistor footprint (2512)
  • Easy gain configuration using a single resistor
  • Kelvin sensing for improved measurement accuracy



  • High-side or low-side current sensing
  • Battery monitoring
  • Power management
  • Motor control
  • Command, telemetry and control system


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