The ISL70002SEHEVAL1Z evaluation board is designed to evaluate the features of the ISL70002SEH radiation hardened and SEE hardened 22A synchronous buck regulator IC with integrated MOSFETs in a dual regulator current sharing configuration. The ISL70002SEHEVAL1Z can be operated up to 19A of load current.


  • Integrated potentiometer for selecting a wide range of output voltages
  • 100Ω AC injection resistor and test point to easily measure loop stability
  • Scope jack connections for optimal capture of LX node and VOUT
  • On-board enable switch and power-good LED indicator
  • Dual regulator current sharing solution
  • Dual-sided PCB



  • FPGA, CPLD, DSP, CPU core, and I/O voltages
  • Low-voltage, high-density distributed power systems


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FPGA Reference Design for Rad Hard Applications

Josh Broline discusses the FPGA reference design featuring the ISL70001SEH, ISL70002SEH, and ISL75051SRH radiation hardened products at APEC 2013.


Hello from APEC 2013 here in Long Beach, CA. My name is Josh Broline, I'm the product marketing manager for Space and High reliability products group here at Intersil. Here we are demoing Intersil's FPGA reference design, specifically for Xilinx. We have three point-of-load regulators, the ISL70001SEH, which is a 6A regulator. Also, we have the ISL70002SEH, which has an output of 12A. It can also be powered off of a 3.3V or 5V rail. And last, we have the ISL75051, which is a 3A, low dropout regulator. It has superior dropout performance. For example, at 65mV at 1.5A, or about 225mV at 3A. I would actually put this product up specifically next to a commercial type product.

The critical thing to know about these particular products is that we did specific roundup designs to ensure that these products would survive the space and harsh environments. For example, we have single event transient immunity within plus or minus 1%. So if you have a stack up say at plus or minus 5%, that is absolutely critical very tight performance, whether it be at single event transient over radiation and all the different conditions that you would run into. For more information, you can go to the Space and Harsh Environments product page on our website. We have reference designs, application notes. You can get schematics and layout files or you can find more information on these particular products. Also, you can go to the specific product information pages for each individual product.