The ISL73041SEHEV1Z evaluation board evaluates the performance of the radiation-hardened ISL73041SEH 12V half-bridge GaN FET driver in an open-loop Buck configuration. The ISL73041SEHEV1Z evaluation board includes the GaN FET half-bridge driver, Renesas GaN FETs, and a Buck converter power stage inductor and output capacitors.

For more information about the ISL73041SEH, refer to the ISL73041SEH Datasheet.


  • 4.75V to 13.2V VDD power supply range
  • 300kHz to 1MHz PWM frequency range (external component limited)
  • Bridge voltage (V_BUS) range: Up to 13.2V
  • 5V max recommended buck output voltage (external component limited)
  • Buck output load current up to 25A



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