The ISL73141VMREFEVKIT1Z evaluation kit and iRADNavigator software GUI are used to demonstrate the ISL73141SEH 14-bit SAR ADC in a voltage monitoring application.

The ISL73141VMREFEV1Z voltage monitor reference design board uses the ISL73141SEH radiation hardened 14-bit 1000ksps SAR ADC paired with the ISL71091SEH40 voltage reference, the ISL71030M 16-channel multiplexer, and the ISL70062SEH load switch to monitor up to 17 voltages. The primary use of this reference design is to pair with the ISLVERSALDEMO2Z reference design board. The ISL73141VMREFEV1Z board is intended to be used with the Vorago VA41620 MCU board and iRADNavigator software.

This board demonstrates an example signal chain used to monitor a large number of power supply voltages in an application while highlighting the accuracy and reconfigurability of all four of the main system components: the 16-channel multiplexer, the load switch, the precision reference, and the SAR ADC.


  • Accurate voltage measurement
  • Multiple power supply rail observation configurations
  • User-friendly software GUI



  • Precision signal processing in satellite payloads
  • Satellite telemetry systems
  • Satellite propulsion and orbit control
  • Attitude control of satellites
  • High-end industrial
  • Down-hole drilling


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