The ISL6146 represents a family of OR-ing MOSFET controllers capable of OR-ing voltages from 1V to 18V. Together with suitably sized N-channel power MOSFETs, the ISL6146 increases power distribution efficiency when replacing a power OR-ing diode in high current applications. It provides gate drive voltage for the MOSFET(s) with a fully integrated charge pump. The ISL6146 allows users to adjust with external resistor(s) the VOUT - VIN trip point, which adjusts the control sensitivity to system power supply noise. An open drain FAULT pin will indicate if a conditional or FET fault has occurred. The ISL6146A and ISL6146B are optimized for very low voltage operation, down to 1V with an additional independent bias of 3V or greater. The ISL6146C provides a voltage compliant mode of operation down to 3V with programmable undervoltage lock out and overvoltage protection threshold levels. The ISL6146D and ISL6146E are like the ISL6146A and ISL6146B respectively, but do not have conduction state reporting via the fault output.


  • OR-ing down to 1V and up to 20V with ISL6146A, ISL6146B, ISL6146D and ISL6146E
  • Programmable voltage compliant operation with ISL6146C
  • VIN hot swap transient protection rating to +24V
  • High speed comparator provides fast <0.3µs turn-off in response to shorts on sourcing supply
  • Fastest reverse current fault isolation with 6A turn-off current
  • Very smooth switching transition
  • Internal charge pump to drive N-channel MOSFET
  • User programmable VIN - VOUT Vth for noise immunity
  • Open-drain FAULT output with delay - Short between any two of the OR-ing FET terminals
  • GATE voltage and excessive FET VDS
  • Power-good indicator (ISL6146C)
  • MSOP and DFN package options




  • N+1 Industrial and Telecom Power Distribution Systems
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies
  • Low Voltage Processor and Memory
  • Storage and Datacom Systems


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