The ISL68137-61P-EV1Z evaluation board provides users a method of evaluating the ISL68137 digital multiphase device. Included on the board is a high-performance transient load generator capable of replicating the type of high di/dt loads typical of today's high current ASICs. For a full comparison of all the ISL68xx and ISL69xx product offerings, please visit the digital multiphase controller family page.

The ISL68137 is combined with the ISL99227 Smart Power Stage (SPS) to provide a highly efficient power solution capable of delivering up to 270A.

While the user may opt to evaluate the solution based on the Renesas default configuration, custom configurations are easily created using our PowerNavigator™ software.


  • 0.5% VOUT regulation accuracy
  • PMBus interface, AVSBus interface
  • 3% IOUT telemetry accuracy
  • Onboard transient load to facilitate testing
  • ATX or bench supply connections for input sources



  • Networking equipment
  • Telecom/Datacom equipment
  • Server/Storage equipment
  • Point-of-load power supply (Memory, DSP, ASIC, FPGA)


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Software & Tools

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PowerNavigator Software
Renesas' PowerNavigator™ software allows simple configuration and monitoring of multiple Digital-DC devices using a PC with a USB interface.
Monitor Debugger/RAM Monitor Renesas
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Digital Multiphase Controllers with SPS: Evaluation Boards

Introducing evaluation platforms for Intersil's latest family of full digital multiphase controllers with smart power stage (SPS).


This video reviews the evaluation board platform for Renesas' family of full-digital multiphase controllers. These multiphase controllers are X + Y products. There are 4-phase X + Y = 4 and 7-phase X +Y = 7 controllers. That means each product has multiple phases that can be assigned to one of two outputs, as long as the total number of phases is less than four or less than seven.

Here are our digital power eval board platforms. Here are our 2 + 2 for low-current applications, scaling all the way to a 7 + 0 for higher-current applications supporting 250+ amps of load current. Each board includes a spot for a PMBus adapter, AVSBus adapter, has an on-board transient load generator and includes our latest generation of 5mm x 5 mm smart power stages.

The smart power stage includes the MOSFETs, drivers, and provides integrated current sense and temperature sense information back to the controller. This all comes in a nice, compact solution size.