The ISL6294 is a cost-effective, fully integrated high input voltage single-cell Li-ion battery charger. The charger uses a CC/CV charge profile required by Li-ion batteries. The charger accepts an input voltage up to 28V but is disabled when the input voltage exceeds the OVP threshold, typically 6.8V, to prevent excessive power dissipation. The 28V rating eliminates the overvoltage protection circuit required in a low input voltage charger. The charge current and the end-of-charge (EOC) current are programmable with external resistors. When the battery voltage is lower than typically 2.55V, the charger preconditions the battery with typically 20% of the programmed charge current. When the charge current reduces to the programmable EOC current level during the CV charge phase, an EOC indication is provided by the CHG pin, which is an open-drain output. An internal thermal foldback function protects the charger from any thermal failure. Two indication pins (PPR and CHG) allow simple interface to a microprocessor or LEDs. When no adapter is attached or when disabled, the charger draws less than 1µA leakage current from the battery.


  • Complete Charger for Single-Cell Li-ion/Polymer Batteries
  • Integrated Pass Element and Current Sensor
  • No External Blocking Diode Required
  • Low Component Count and Cost
  • 1% Voltage Accuracy
  • Programmable Charge Current
  • Programmable End-of-Charge Current
  • Charge Current Thermal Foldback for Thermal Protection
  • Trickle Charge for Fully Discharged Batteries
  • 28V Maximum Voltage for the Power Input
  • Power Presence and Charge Indications
  • Less Than 1µA Leakage Current off the Battery When No Input Power Attached or Charger Disabled
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -40 °C to +85 °C
  • 8 Ld 2mm x 3mm DFN and 8 Ld SOIC Packages
  • Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant)



  • Mobile Phones
  • Blue-Tooth Devices
  • PDAs
  • MP3 Players
  • Stand-Alone Chargers
  • Other Handheld Devices


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