Renesas’ daisy chainable 14-cell battery front end is ideal for high voltage, stacked battery systems. The RAA489204 is a 14-cell battery front end (BFE) IC, an essential component of any battery management system (BMS), which periodically scans battery status and the operating environment to optimize battery life and prevent catastrophic failures.  The part provides accurate monitoring, cell balancing and extensive system diagnostics functions. Cell balancing can be conducted either internally, or externally, with 10V gate pins for external balancing.

The RAA489204 Li-ion battery manager IC supervises up to 14 series connected cells. The part provides accurate monitoring, cell balancing and extensive system diagnostics functions. Three cell balancing modes are provided: Manual Balancing mode, Timed Balancing mode and Auto Balance mode. The Auto Balance mode terminates balancing functions when a charge transfer value has been met. The RAA489204 communicates to a host microcontroller via an SPI interface and to other RAA489204 devices using a robust, proprietary, two-wire Daisy Chain system. The RAA489204 is offered in a 64 Ld TQFP package and is specified for an operational temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. 


  • Robust daisy-chain communications system
    • Daisy-chain supports both Capacitive and Transformer connected communications
  • Up to 14-cell voltage monitors, support Li-Ion CoO2, Li-ion Mn2O4, and Li-ion FePO4 chemistries
  • Cell voltage measurement accuracy ±10mV
  • 14-bit voltage and temperature measurements
  • Internal temperature monitoring
  • Up to six external temperature inputs
    • Integrated system diagnostics for all key internal functions
  • Hardwired and communications based fault notification
  • Integrated watchdog shuts down device if communication is lost
  • 10µA shutdown current: Enable = VSS
  • 2.5Mbps SPI




  • UPS
  • Battery-based generators 
  • Energy Storage systems
  • E-Mobility and E-Bikes


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RAA48920x Multi-Cell Battery Front End Family

An overview of how the Renesas multi-cell battery front devices streamline development for high-cell count, high-voltage systems with flexible cell balancing and lower system costs. Visit renesas.com/bfe for more details.