SLG51002 contains eight compact and customizable low dropout regulators and is designed for high performance camera modules and other small multi-rail applications.


  • GreenPAK™ cost-effective NVM programmable device with integrated high performance LDOs that enables innovators to integrate many system functions while minimizing component count, board space, and power consumption
  • LDOs exceed the power performance requirements of newer image sensors to help produce the best image quality
  • Helps system designers meet stringent noise budgets
  • Small integrated power solution replaces eight discrete channels to reduce board space
  • Configurable VOUT settings, sequencing and resources satisfy multiple project requirements to reduce re-design, sourcing and qualification
  • Users can create a variety of functions and control logic for applications like power sequencing, fault signaling, input conditioning, and glue logic
  • Unique GUI-based development software enables a completely graphical design configuration process


  • GreenPAK flexible mixed-signal programmable ASIC with integrated LDOs
  • 8 channels of LDOs, 5 of them can operate in bypass mode
  • Output current capability up to 1300mA per channel
  • User-configurable settings via I2C and OTP including LDO configurations (output voltage, current limit thresholds, slew-rates), matrix interconnect logic and sequencing
  • 6 user-defined GPIOs to route available internal and external signals. High voltage pins can be supplied by VDDIO for input and output modes.
  • Flexible user-defined supply controller with matrix interconnect logic, delays, GPIOs and macrocells
  • Package: WLCSP-25 (1.992 mm x 1.992 mm x 0.440 mm, 0.35 mm)




  • High-end camera module applications
  • Smartphones
  • Digital cameras
  • Security cameras
  • Smart devices with imaging
  • Advanced sensor systems


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Go Configure™ Software Hub
Go Configure Software Hub provides development support for a variety of products, including GreenPAK configurable mixed signal matrix and ForgeFPGA™ devices.
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