Tops Plug&Go is a secure and automated programming solution for production facilities. The solution is based on a secure box connected to the programmer which allows end-to-end encryption using the Renesas Trusted Secure IP Driver (TSIP) on RX family of MCUs . This solution is already qualified on all System General (Acroview Group) programmers.



  • Simplify the OEM process for secure programming on RX MCUs:
    • Design: Secure environment unnecessary
    • Limited number of secret key exchanges
    • Single operation to transfer a secure package to the programming facility
  • Improve the security level of the programming operations:
    • Secrets keys are generated and secured by the box’s HSM
      OEM no longer needs to secure any sensitive key by itself
    • TSIP loader secured by the box’s HSM




  • Industry 4.0
  • Automotive
  • Smart cities
  • Medical
  • Secure programming
  • Software IP protection
  • Secure generation: Keys and certificates
  • Secure provisioning
  • Application server commissioning


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Trusted Secure IP Driver
Trusted Secure IP driver software: this software supports AES with 128- and 256-bit keys), AES-GCM, AES-CMAC, and random number generation. Safely executes AES key management, secure updating of firmware, and secure booting at high speeds.
Security / Crypto Renesas
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