The RH850/E2H microcontrollers operate at 400 MHz and are equipped with large-capacity code flash and RAM of the highest speed class, which is necessary for real-time control. By leveraging multiple G4MH cores, the RH850/E2M supports even more advanced functionality, and many built-in functions such as security functions for Evita Medium and functional safety (ISO 26262) functions make it easier to get the certification. Over The Air (OTA) updating for automatically updating software wirelessly to a safer control program is also supported. Design resources are available here to help you get your design to market as quickly as possible.

Hardware Tools

Programming Tools

We also offer a newer and faster emulator for separate purchase. While there is a debugger included in the starter kit, we offer the option here to purchase the newer and faster E2 emulator/debugger for programming and debugging RH850 E2x devices.

In addition to a hardware emulator/debugger, we also offer the Renesas Flash Programmer for free download. The Flash programmer contains a simple-to-use graphical user interface which is ideal for first-time developers.

Programming Tools Description Featured Documents Ordering
E2 Emulator On-chip debugging emulator for RH850 family and RL78 family. Also available as a flash memory programmer. pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual Contact Us
(Flash Memory Programmer)
The PG-FP6 installed in a system is a tool for erasing, programming and verifying programs on Renesas MCUs with on-chip flash memory.
  • Programming software: Dedicated GUI-based software "FP6 Terminal"
pdf_icon_for_table.png List of Supported Devices Buy
Renesas Flash Programmer
(Programming GUI)
The Renesas Flash Programmer provides usable and functional support for programming the on-chip flash memory of Renesas microcontrollers in each phase of development and mass production.
  • A simple GUI makes operations easy, even for first-time developers
  • PC-controlled programming via the E1 emulator or E2 emulator, a serial or USB connection
pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual Free Download

Software Tools

In the Software Tools section, we have many resources to assist with your MCU project.

For your compiler toolchain needs, we recommend Green Hills, IAR Systems, and Wind River. We provide links to these partner sites which allow you to start your design without delay.

And for designs that require AUTOSAR compliance, we offer AUTOSAR 4.2.2 MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer) software. It's absolutely free of charge and offered as-is. This package contains SPAL and COM driver software.

Compiler Toolchain

Company Company Logo Description
Green Hills Multi
Green Hills Software Logo
RH850 Embedded Software Solutions
  • Multi development environments
    Quickly develop, debug, test, and optimize embedded and real-time applications
  • Green Hills Optimizing Compilers
    Generating the smallest and fastest code from C, C++, and Ada
  • simrh850
    Full-feature multi-core instruction-accurate simulation tool that allows faster development and deployment of V850 and RH850 multi-core projects. Support for various shared-memory and isolated architectures, as well as complete support for RH850 hyper-threading capabilities
IAR Systems
IAR Embedded Workbench provides extensive support for RH850 devices. IAR Embedded Workbench is a complete set of development tools with leading optimization technology for creating powerful automotive applications.
Wind River
Wind River Logo
Wind River Diab Compiler for RH850 provides powerful optimization engine in C compiler for R850G3K/G3M cores.
  • The latest industry standards:
    • Edison Design Group front end
    • Dinkumware libraries
    • ANSI/ISO C and C++ conformance
  • Reliable quality
    • Tested with millions of test cases and industry standard test suites
    • POSIX PSE52 conformance
  • Flexible business model:
    • Perpetual licenses for one architecture or annual per-developer subscription for all architectures

MCAL Software

Software Description Download
DaVinci Configurator DaVinci Configurator for Renesas MCAL archive Software
Renesas MCAL Renesas' MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer) software drivers can be obtained as a stand-alone software package. This package includes SPAL and COM based on AR4.2.2.
  • SPAL (including ADC, DIO, FLS, GPT, ICU, MCU, PORT, PWM, SPI, WDG)
  • COM (including CAN, LIN, FR, ETH)
The software package is available free of charge and as is. In case you want to buy a different software package please contact us.
archive Software


In this section, we provide links to instructional videos, workshops, and other introductory materials.


In case you still can't find what you're looking for, we provide links to Frequently Asked Questions and Forums as well as support links to send an inquiry to a Renesas expert about our RH850 E2x products.


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