External Lite Bootloader (ELB) is a bootloader program from ABUP that generates a lightweight low code. ELB can boot and upgrade a target MCU system through communication with MPU module by greatly reducing MCU resources occupied by OTA upgrade. ABUP ELB reduces investment for software development, and improves upgrade efficiency, stability and security. It supports Renesas RL78, RX100, RA2 series MCUs, and can provide demonstration programs on Renesas EK-RA2L1, TB-RX140 and FPB-RL78G23.



  • OTA upgrade of the whole machine – ELB and related coprocessors form a distributed upgrade capability, any chip connected to the bus in the machine can be upgraded
  • Delta OTA uses very little flash resources to maximize MCU resources
  • Low-code program generation – Customer just selects the corresponding Renesas MCU model to generate the ELB program
  • Makes MCU and other coprocessor OTA upgrades more stable, reliable and safe




  • Smart meter
  • Industrial IoT
  • Intelligent security
  • Smart homes
  • Smart wearables
  • Consumer electronics


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