The AT25CY042 is a 1.7V minimum, serial-interface sequential access Flash memory ideally suited for a wide variety of digital voice, image, program code, and data storage applications. The AT25CY042 also supports Dual-I/O, Quad-I/O and the RapidS serial interface for applications requiring high speed operation. Its 4,194,304 bits of memory are organized as 2,048 pages of 256 bytes or 264 bytes each. In addition to the main memory, the AT25CY042 device also contains two SRAM buffers of 256/264 bytes each. The buffers allow receiving of data while a page in the main memory is being reprogrammed. Interleaving between both buffers can dramatically increase a system's ability to write a continuous data stream. In addition, the SRAM buffers can be used as additional system scratch pad memory, and E2PROM emulation (bit or byte alterability) can be easily handled with a self-contained three-step read-modify-write operation.


  • Single 1.7V - 3.6V supply
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) compatible
  • Very high operating frequencies
  • User configurable page size
  • Two fully independent SRAM data buffers (256/264 bytes)
  • Flexible programming options
  • Flexible erase options
  • Program and Erase Suspend/Resume
  • Advanced hardware and software data protection features
  • 128-byte, One-Time Programmable (OTP) Security Register




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