The X28HC64 is an 8k x 8 EEPROM, fabricated with Intersil’s proprietary, high performance, floating gate CMOS technology. Like all Intersil programmable nonvolatile memories, the X28HC64 is a 5V only device. It features the JEDEC approved pinout for byte-wide memories, compatible with industry standard RAMs. The X28HC64 supports a 64-byte page write operation, effectively providing a 32μs/byte write cycle, and enabling the entire memory to be typically written in 0. 25 seconds. The X28HC64 also features DATA Polling and Toggle Bit Polling, two methods providing early end of write detection. In addition, the X28HC64 includes a user-optional software data protection mode that further enhances Intersil’s hardware write protect capability. Intersil EEPROMs are designed and tested for applications requiring extended endurance. Inherent data retention is greater than 100 years.


  • 70ns access time
  • Simple byte and page write
  • Single 5V supply
  • No external high voltages or VP-P control circuits
  • Self-timed
  • No erase before write
  • No complex programming algorithms
  • No overerase problem
  • Low power CMOS
  • 40mA active current maximum
  • 200μA standby current maximum
  • Fast write cycle times
  • 64-byte page write operation
  • Byte or page write cycle: 2ms typical
  • Complete memory rewrite: 0.25s typical
  • Effective byte write cycle time: 32μs typical
  • Software data protection
  • End of write detection
  • DATA polling
  • Toggle bit
  • High reliability
  • Endurance: 100,000 cycles
  • Data retention: 100 years
  • JEDEC approved byte-wide pinout
  • Pb-free available (RoHS compliant)




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