Sanei Hytechs Co., Ltd. have made 40 years of progress as a company specialized in LSI design. It is one of few companies that can support all processes in LSI design.


Consulting, Design support, FPGA support, Software support


Japan, China, Vietnam

All-circuit-covering system considered before designing for mixed circuit like ΔΣ ADC.
Differentiated digital circuit and software for microcomputer & FPGA carrying CPU targeted at most optimized design.
One stop service (from specification setup to implementation) for smart phone controlling software/Integrated Embedded system.

  • Digital
    Power Supply or Management IC
    ISP IC
    Audio IC
    Implementation of systems on FPGA devices
  • Software
    Embedded software for automotive
    MCAL layer on AUTOSAR Architecture
    Network equipment
    Protocols of OSI reference model ※Layer 3 or higher