The RV1S9260A is a photocoupler featuring high-speed switching up to 15Mbps with active low output logic which consists of an AlGaAs LED on the input side and an integrated circuit with a photodiode on the output. This product enables to low current operation on 3. 3V/5V power supply with high noise-tolerant CMR:50kV/us min. and high temperature operation up to Ta=125°C in logic interface circuit. This package is very small and thin with long creepage distance(8. 2mm). This small product is suitable for various interface circuits which require surface mounting and high-density mounting.


  • Long creepage distance (8.2 mm MIN,LSSO5)
  • Fast response speed (15 Mbps)
  • High temperature operation ( -40~+125°C)
  • High instantaneous common-mode rejection voltage (CMH, CML = ±50 kV/μs MIN.)
  • High withstand voltage between input and output (BV = 5000 Vr.m.s.)
  • Low IF drive (IFHL = 2.6 mA MAX.)
  • Low VDD drive (VDD = 2.7 V~5.5 V)
  • Low pulse width distortion(PWD = 20 ns MAX.)
  • Lead-free product




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