The ZIOL2401 Lab Kit can be used for a detailed evaluation and preprogramming of IDT's family of standard cable driver ICs with IO-Link functionality, including the ZIOL2401, ZIOL2411, ZIOL2201, and ZIOL2211.The kit comprises three boards: the ZIOL2401 Controller Board, the ZIOL2401 Communication Board, and the ZIOL2401 IC Board. The Controller Board provides a USB interface to the user's computer and an onboard microcontroller that can be used to preprogram the IC on the ZIOL2401 IC Board, which can then be evaluated in the user's application circuit. The ZIOL Communication Board connects the Controller Board to the IC Board and provides an external protection circuit. A graphical user interface for the kit is available online for free download.


  • ZIOL2401 IC Board
  • ZIOL2401 Controller Board
  • ZIOL2401 Communication Board
  • USB Cable


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