ICs for Industrial Ethernet Communication (R-IN32M4-CL2)

The R-IN32M4-CL2 contains built-in Gigabit PHY in addition to our featured R-IN engine available in the series family, providing the optimal solution to bring high performance CC-Link IE Field network protocol to industrial equipments.


The network performance of CC-Link IE Field has been proven effective in the 4th industrial revolution, where various sensors and actuators are connected. By combining CC-Link IE Field with our proposed R-IN engine, we bring high level of intelligence to end devices, providing significant improvement further to the industrial networks. 

With the embedded Gigabit ethernet PHY in R-IN32M4, circuit design are made extremely easy since no Gigabit PHY related analog design is required, which can be quite troublesome in conventional hardware approach. Furthermore, with the addition of FPU, 8 channel of 10bit ADC and 16 channels of 16bit timers embedded to the CPU core, R-IN32M4 has greatly extended the family’s application. Not only remote IO applications where the R-IN32M series exceeded, the new R-IN32M4 performs well in motor & sensor control, and even industrial network gateway applications.


R-IN32M4-CL2 Product Block Diagram:

Target Applications:

The R-IN32M3 Series is suitable for the communication unit of various slaves in field networks and motion networks

are appropriate applications

Target products:PLC, Remote IO, CNC, AC Drive (Inverter), Robot, Servo drive, Servo Motor

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