The DG401 and DG403 monolithic CMOS analog switches have TTL and CMOS compatible digital inputs. These switches feature low analog ON resistance (P-P signals. Power supplies may be single-ended from +5V to +34V, or split from ±5V to ±17V. The analog switches are bilateral, equally matched for AC or bidirectional signals. The ON resistance variation with analog signals is quite low over a ±15V analog input range. The three different devices provide the equivalent of two SPST (DG401) or two SPDT (DG403) relay switch contacts with CMOS or TTL level activation. The pinout is similar, permitting a standard layout to be used, choosing the switch function as needed.


  • ON Resistance (Max) 45Ω
  • Low Power Consumption (PD) <35µW
  • Fast Switching Action
  • tON (Max) 150ns
  • tOFF (Max) 100ns
  • Low Charge Injection
  • DG401 Dual SPST; Same Pinout as HI-5041
  • DG403 Dual SPDT; DG190, IH5043, IH5151, HI-5051
  • TTL, CMOS Compatible
  • Single or Split Supply Operation
  • Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant)


  • Audio Switching
  • Battery Operated Systems
  • Data Acquisition
  • Hi-Rel Systems
  • Sample and Hold Circuits
  • Communication Systems
  • Automatic Test Equipment

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Active SOICN Tube 480
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Datasheets & Errata
DG401, DG403 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 420 KB
Application Notes & White Papers
AN535: Design Considerations for a Data Acquisition System (DAS) Application Note PDF 843 KB
AN557: Recommended Test Procedures for Analog Switches Application Note PDF 468 KB
AN1033: Multiplexered Data Acquisition System Considerations Application Note PDF 302 KB
AN1034: CMOS Analog Multiplexers and Switches, Applications Considerations Application Note PDF 300 KB
AN520: CMOS Analog Multiplexers and Switches; Specifications and Application Considerations Application Note PDF 270 KB
AN1032: Analog Multiplexers and Overvoltage Protection Application Note PDF 195 KB
PCN14023 - DLA Notification - HVSIGATE 4 Product Change Notice PDF 114 KB
PCN12085 - 8l, 14l, 16l SOIC w/ Gold Bond Wire @ ATP as Alternate Assembly Site Product Change Notice PDF 152 KB
PCN11113A - Manufacturing Site Change for Assembly of the Listed Intersil TSSOP Packaged Products - Carsem-M (CAM) - Ipoh, Malaysia Product Change Notice PDF 121 KB
PCN12004 - Wafer Fabrication Process Improvement for the Listed Intersil HVSIGATE Technology Products - Intersil Palm Bay, Florida Facility Product Change Notice PDF 136 KB
PCN11113 - Manufacturing Site Change for Assembly of the Listed Intersil TSSOP Packaged Products - Carsem-M (CAM) - Ipoh, Malaysia Product Change Notice PDF 120 KB
PLC17040 - Product Discontinuance / Obsolescence Notification for Listed Intersil Products Product Life Cycle Notice PDF 233 KB