A complete audio platform providing a fully integrated audio solution with built-in MCU, DSP, and zero delay hardware sample-rate conversion up to 192kHz.

The addition of USB audio to smartphones and tablets enables headsets with much higher quality levels but at a lower cost than currently possible with analog headsets. Microphone and speaker equalization and Acoustic Echo Cancelation can be implemented on, and tuned to the headset, highly improving user experience by bringing functions and features to smartphones that were previously only available in professional headsets.

Our platform solutions range from low to high-end Lync-compliant USB headsets and headphones. By covering a wide range of headset applications, development, software, and hardware resources can be shared throughout the product range. Small form factor and low bill-of-materials make this the optimal solution for integration in the USB connector and/or in the USB cable, for standard USB A, Mini-B, and Micro-B plugs.

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