The ISL55014 is a high performance gain block featuring a Darlington configuration using high fT transistors and excellent thermal performance. They are an ideal choice for DVB-S LNB cable receiver applications. Other members of the family includes: • ISL55012 and ISL55015 match a 75Ω source to a 50Ω load. • ISL55013 and ISL55014 match a 50Ω source to a 50Ω load.


  • Input impedance of 50Ω
  • Output impedance of 50Ω
  • Gain of 17.2dB at1GHz
  • Noise figure of 4.3dB
  • OIP3 of 30dBm
  • Low input and output return losses
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant)




  • LNB and LNB-T (HDTV) amplifiers
  • IF gain blocks for satellite and terrestrial STBs
  • PA driver amplifier
  • Wireless data, satellite
  • Bluetooth/WiFi
  • Satellite locator and signal strength meters


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