The ISL55100AEVAL3Z evaluation board enables easy access to the various ISL55100A quad pin driver and window comparator connections. All inputs and outputs are matched for signal path length. The board is made up of four drivers and four dual-level receivers. Drivers provide voltage level translation for write operations while the dual-level comparators translate voltage levels for read operations.

The ISL55100A is a quad driver/receiver device that is typically utilized in bidirectional testing applications where formatted timing sets "write data to" and "read data back" from digital devices. The ISL55100A provides four driver/receiver pairs (DOUT0-3/VINP0-3) that are usually tied together in order to support bidirectional communications (bus cycle emulation). HIZ control of the drivers enables this configuration.


  • Matched circuit lengths on data inputs, driver outputs and comparator measurement points
  • Banana jack terminals used for low frequency connections (power supplies, VDIGC/D bias busses)
  • BNC connectors for high frequency connections (driver data and enable inputs, driver outputs, receiver inputs, comparator outputs)
  • Jumpers for static mode selections (low swing, differential biasing, VEXT)
  • All data, DRV_EN and VINP signals have 50Ω loads to ground and may be jumpered to test busses via jumpers.



  • Burn-in automatic test equipment (ATE)
  • Wafer level flash memory test
  • LCD panel test
  • Low cost ATE
  • Instrumentation
  • Emulation
  • Device programmers


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