μPC844, μPC4744 are high-speed version of the single-power general-purpose operational amplifier μPC451, μPC324 realizing high-speed response and high stability. By adopting a High-Speed PNP transistor circuit, various characteristics such as slew rate and gain bandwidth are improved, as compared to μPC451 and μPC324, the load capacity stability is also improved, with no crossover distortion. It can be used widely for various application circuits such as single power supply AC amplifier, active filter, line driver, amplifier for light receiving element, etc. Depending on the usage and operating ambient temperature range, the μPC844 is designed for extended temperature and suited for wide operating ambient temperature application, and μPC4744 is design for general purposes. Along with this series of lineup, the dual type operational amplifier, µPC842, μPC4742 with the same circuit configuration are also available.


  • Slew Rate (AV = 1 ): 7 V/µs (TYP.) (V+ = +5 V, V- = GND)
  • Gain Bandwidth Product (f = 100 kHz): 3.5 MHz (TYP.)
  • Input Offset Voltage: ±2 mV (TYP.)
  • Input Offset Current: ±6 nA (TYP.)
  • Operating Ambient Temperature μPC844G2 : TA = -40 ~ +85 °C, μPC4744G2 : TA = -20 ~ +80 °C, μPC844GR-9LG : TA = -40 ~ +125 °C, μPC4744GR-9LG : TA = -40 ~ +85 °C,
  • Stability to capacitive load (Capacitive load, 1000 pF)
  • Built-in phase correction circuit.
  • Built-in output short-circuit protection circuit.
  • Standard pin (pin compatible) configuration of a quad operational amplifier.

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Datasheets & Errata
UPC844, UPC4744 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 561 KB
UPC4744 Data Sheet Datasheet PDF 231 KB
Application Notes & White Papers
How to Bias Op-Amps Correctly Application Note PDF 263 KB
AN1993: Voltage Feedback versus Current Feedback Operational Amplifiers Application Note PDF 564 KB
AN1694: The Four Basic Building Blocks of an Op Amp Application Note PDF 357 KB
General-purpose operational amplifiers and comparators Pamphlet Flyer PDF 1.11 MB